Happily Hungry

About the program

Happily Hungry is pediatric nutrition program custom designed for your facility, and patients.

Danielle Cook
We thoroughly assess the specific need at your facility based on factors such as physical space at the site, desired frequency of cooking demonstrations (quarterly, monthly, weekly) and available personnel to serve as coordinators. We strive to combine food, fun, and great taste with comprehensive nutrition and cooking education to teach individuals and families how to take charge of their nutritional health


  • Complete onsite oversight of all program logistics: equipment purchases, storage, refrigeration etc.
  • Recruitment and training of external or in-house nutritionist/coordinator.
  • Initial and ongoing training/consultation for coordinators presenting the program
  • Monthly seasonal recipes using accessible, seasonal, and affordable ingredients.
  • Continue to provide comprehensive and up to date print and online educational materials for patients and families participating in the program


  • Combine food, fun and great taste with comprehensive nutrition and cooking education
  • Function on-site at medical facilities and be complementary to medical protocols
  • Bring together the science of food with the fun of cooking for optimal wellness
  • Teach individuals and families how to take charge of their nutritional health
  • Take the fear out of cooking

Why Us?

  • Our program demonstrations are held onsite at your facility, the safest and most comfortable place for your patients
  • Our demonstrations are always led by fully qualified nutrition professionals
  • You learn by doing. We encourage active participation by patients and family members in our cooking and nutrition demonstrations
  • We provide valuable nutritional information about all of the powerhouse ingredients featured in our demonstrations on our website and in our printed educational material
  • We strive to continuously provide the latest information, healthiest, tastiest recipes, comprehensive step by step guidance and continuing support to families enrolled in our program

What people say?

Healthy nutrition makes treatment more tolerable and decreases susceptibility to infection. It correlates positively with shorter hospitalizations, fewer complications, and lower cost of care…

Aziza T. Shad, MD, Director, Pediatric Hematology Oncology

What people say?

Great job! The recipes are always delightful and refreshing, especially when you have a child that undergoes as many different chemotherapy treatments as mine has.

Mother of six year old Leukemia survivor

What people say?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this book. It has helped me feel like I am not just sitting around waiting to see what happens. I am actively helping my son fight this nasty disease from coming back…

Mother of eight year old brain tumor survivor

About Danielle

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Culinary wizard and Happily Hungry owner, Danielle Cook, is passionate about using powerhouse nutrition to help children affected by cancer or chronic illness thrive.

Mom, chef, author and parent of a cancer survivor, Danielle has been demonstrating, educating and advocating the benefits of seasonal whole foods in battling childhood illness for more than 12 years. She has appeared on the Today Show, CNN, France24 Network, NPR-Boston and WTOP.

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Danielle's Book

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A child undergoing treatment for cancer faces all the challenges posed by the treatment itself as well as side-effects that include nausea, fatigue, mouth sores, diarrhea, constipation and altered taste buds. Staying nourished throughout this difficult time is imperative to staying on course with the treatment. However, for many parents and caregivers, knowing what to shop for, what to eat, or how to identify the right kinds of foods that will best support the patient creates added challenges.

Danielle Cook shares her culinary wisdom and first-hand knowledge by creating delicious recipes dedicated to children undergoing cancer treatment and recovery. These nutrient-dense recipes combine great taste with powerful immune-building ingredients designed to satisfy young palates, while helping set the stage to more effectively battle cancer. Regardless where your kids are on their cancer journey you will find something useful and uplifting within these pages. This book is a big culinary hug to young cancer patients and their families.


Danielle Cook - dcnavidi@mac.com